Our Mission


Our Mission
To create a quality product that will improve your quality of life and drive you to be the healthiest version of yourself.
Our products are 100% natural.
*Help detoxify, 
*Speed up metabolism, 
*Rejuvenate skin
*Promote healthy weight loss
*Give you energy
Who we are :
It’s Simple WE LOVE TEA !!!, we also love health and fitness , and we know that quality supplementation is important 
Skinny Fusion Tea was born for the sole purpose of finding and delivering organic products that we could use for ourselves as well as our costumers, we wanted to take the guessing out of supplementation. Because WE LOVE TEA , it was only natural that we started there first. We are so positive that our herbal teas will help you reach new heights of a healthier life style. That we are backing it up with a BODY BACK GUARANTEE , if you try our product for 90 days and you don’t like the way your body looks and feels you can have your old one back . 
Skinny Fusion is a privately held company headquartered in Miami Florida founded by an Islander from Puerto Rico, She believes her main purpose in life is helping people take proactive steps towards there overall wellness goals.  
She has assembled a Team of individuals that posses the same passion and dedication for health and Fitness that she has And guess what SHE LOVES TEA!!! 
Join us and take these simple steps towards looking and feeling better.
Let us assist you in your journey to improving your overall well being.